Desert Edge Brewery – Salt Lake City, Utah

Desert Edge Brewery – Salt Lake City, Utah, Saturday, Sep 9, 2017, 8p

2014 Barrels: 900          Classification: BrewPub         Taps: 10

A small, locals type of place in a trendy shopping area.  Friendly service.  Only about 8 house draft beers (4%) on tap, no bottles.  Friendy service and very inexpensive tastes.

Excerpts from their website: “We opened in 1972 serving Coors to college students. We’ve evolved, expanding our Trolley Square location numerous times enabling us to offer a large menu and a wide range of hand crafted beers. In 1995, we expanded into the craft beer business. We won Utah’s first GABF gold medal for our Happy Valley Hefeweizen and have won many medals since. We craft our beers to be a little more aggressive in terms of hops but maintain an appropriate balance for the many different styles we brew. Always on tap is an Irish dry stout on nitro, the hefeweizen, a pilsner and a pale ale. We offer seasonal beers, as well, that showcase nearly all styles. We have made a commitment to the environment: we recycle the hot kettle water for cleaning purposes, provide hog farmers with spent grain and day old bread and….We are 100% wind powered and have used reclaimed materials extensively in construction.”

All 4% draft beers

  • Pub Pils – classic
  • Happy Valley Hefeweizen – orangey, interesting
  • Utah Pale Ale – some nice hop notes
  • Latter Days Stout – notes of cigarettes
  • Summer Session IPA – very nice start, grass funk hops, some lingering bitter, finishes a little light but impressive