Cycle Brewing – St. Petersburg, Florida

Cycle Brewing – St. Petersburg, Florida, Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 5pm
2014 Barrels: 450             Classification: Microbrewery           Taps: 18

Cycle Brewing is a little-known brewery in downtown St. Petersburg that earned RateBeer’s 2016 #2 Best Brewery in the World.

I’m a bit confused about Cycle Brewing’s high rating on RateBeer, considering they don’t have a single beer in BeerAdvocate’s Top 250, and when I’ve mentioned it to fellow beer enthusiasts, they’ve never heard of it. The brewery got its start in nearby Peg’s Cantina, which does have several beers on BeerAdvocate’s list, even though it closed in December 2015. I believe Cycle may still be making beers under that label.

As far as I can tell, Cycle doesn’t have their own website, just a Facebook page. Upon arrival, I was disappointed to learn that the tasting room doesn’t offer flights. It felt like a regular bar on the main drag in a downtown area.

The beer was excellent.  I tried 4 in half pours (8oz), and they were all impressive. They had about 18 on tap, and I would have loved to try more. Service was knowledgeable and professional.


  • Electric Bootz with passionfruit and papaya berliner 3.2% passionfruit good, mild tartness
  • Fixie session IPA 4.7% wow great maybe pineapple big bitter
  • Hazelnut Cream and Sugar, Please, Coffee Porter 6% wow big coffee, hazelnut
  • Trust IIPA collaboration with The Answer 8% great bold hops, not over the top