About the Journey

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I hope you enjoy the ride!  At this website, I have posted over 440 reviews and photos of American craft breweries

As I travel the country visiting the 2013 GABF Winners, I will continue to post photos and reviews of each one I visit.


A few rules of the quest:

  • I will visit breweries based on the location stated in the GABF Winner List. Here are some oddities:
    • Pabst’s headquarters is in Los Angeles, but they brew at MillerCoors facilities.  I will visit the Historic Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee, WI
    • AC Golden and Blue Moon are brewed by MillerCoors in Golden, CO
    • Samuel Adams Cincinnati is not open to the public. I will visit the Samuel Adams Brewery in Boston, MA
    • Figueroa Mountain has two locations, but only 1 is open to the public in Buellton, CA
    • Dry Dock has two locations, but only 1 is open to the public in Aurora, CO
    • I’m still trying to figure out which Rock Bottom location won medals.  For now I’m assuming La Jolla, CA and Broomfield, CO
  • The deadline to visit all breweries will be Oct 2, 2014 – the start of the 2014 GABF (Oct 13, 2013 – Oct 2, 2014 = 355 Days)
  • I am not required to taste the award winning beer (these beers are often not available at the brewery)