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Mission Accomplished!!Quest to Conquer Great American Beer Festival


183 GABF Winning Breweries in 355 days

It’s been a dream of mine to say that I’ve been to all of the medal winning breweries from the Great American Beer Festival. I took this dream to a new level by visiting ALL of the 2013 GABF winners in 1 YEAR!


  1. Justin – good luck. I just returned from GABF where I sampled many of the medal winners. I travel (as you might expect working at ACN) and use a great app from PubQuest that maps craft breweries in the US and Canada. It may help you navigate, too.



  2. Hello Justin!
    I read about your San Diego quest last year and it inspired me to follow your lead. My goal is to visit every craft brewery and brewpub in SD County and taste their flagship beers… in one year. I started a few months ago and have been visiting numerous breweries every week. I’m learning a lot and tasting great beers (and sadly, not so great beers). Man, you started this!! Thank you for blazing the trail. When you get a chance, please check out my website/blog: sandiegobrewreview.com
    Best Wishes,

    • Hey Jeff,
      Thanks for the kind words! Your adventure sounds awesome! I signed up for updates, and I’m looking forward to following your journey; enjoy!

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