Lazy Magnolia Brewing Co – Kiln, Mississippi

Lazy Magnolia Brewing Co – Kiln, Mississippi, Friday, April 21, 2017, 5pm
2014 Barrels: 18,220          Classification: Regional       Taps: 12

The largest brewery in the state, Lazy Magnolia has overcome the state’s outdated beer laws to be a successful southern brewery.


Up until July 1, 2017, Mississippi breweries (all 15 of them, as of writing), were not allowed to sell beer on site. They couldn’t even offer samples without first providing an educational tour. Sigh. Fortunately, a bill has been passed that will change that and presumably be a game changer for the state’s beer industry.

Lazy Magnolia hasn’t let the regulations stop them, however. Founded in 2003, the brewery is the state’s oldest and largest, with distribution in at least 16 states. Southern Pecan Nut Brown is their flagship.

The brewery tour focuses on the brewing process. The tasting room is a bar set off to the side of their large production space. While we were sampling beers, one of the owners walked around and introduced herself to the tour-goers, a very nice touch. They currently contract brew for several small breweries just getting started.


  • Southern Pecan nut brown ale 4.5% just smooth, little sweet, brown
  • Jeff Stout with sweet potatoes 4.7% average stout
  • Southern Hops citra IPA 5.5% big lemon citrus aroma, same flavor
  • Fleur de Wheat pale with lemon and chamomile 6.3% nice sweetness, not much hops/chamomile
  • Gulf Porter with rum 6.8% smells and tastes like rum, intens
  • Old Money barrel aged sour imperial Stout 8.4% big wood aroma, slight sour taste, good dark wood notes, great